retro mic orange“Sean completely understood the vibe we were trying to achieve for our winery wedding. We had an absolute blast dancing and our guests were thrilled. There were many times during the different parts of the night that I found myself thinking, ‘This song is perfect and exactly what we wanted.’ We feel very lucky to have found Sean.  Identifying music for our wedding was one of the most stressful parts of the event planning. We had a vision of “the perfect dinner party” – the food and venue we wanted were clear; however, we have a variety of musical tastes and a limited musical vocabulary. Sean took our mediocre explanations, analogies and song list and created a perfect sound for each of the three parts of the evening. For the outdoor cocktail hour, we wanted a California-funk-summery vibe; for dinner, chill world music and acoustic ambiance; for dancing, a vintage retro-soul-meets-modern hits-meets-90s-club Eurodance flashbacks. He nailed it all. Sean offered services we couldn’t find elsewhere – we didn’t want an MC shouting over guests, we wanted someone who accepted we weren’t going to have many “traditional” wedding activities, we needed someone who was sensitive to our particular venue’s atmosphere and didn’t need to be the center of attention. Sean also helped us plan for the event over the phone cross-country. I felt extremely comfortable that he understood the physical nuances of the venue – an outdoor pavilion, out door cocktails, a winery setting. During the wedding, Sean was always attentive, making sure we had the mic for our own announcements and making sure the volume was appropriate for each stage of the evening. My wife and I are so pleased with our choice of Sean for our DJ and MC.”

– Kaybri and Jora, Bride and Bride (Wedding – Bedell Cellars, Suffolk Co., Long Island)

retro mic orange“We hired Sean for our April wedding at a private club on the Upper East Side in NYC and were thrilled with our decision. Everyone absolutely loved him and he really made the party come to life. We were concerned it would be difficult to find a DJ to please our crowd, which was a mix of younger people in their 20s, as well as older Jewish and Asian relatives. After interviewing a few potential DJs, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to someone with the right balance to reach everyone. But once we met Sean we clicked. He has a great personality and we were impressed with how proactive he was, suggesting we go over our music likes and dislikes but also the timeline of the wedding events like cake cutting, speeches, etc. We knew that the younger guests would enjoy modern pop songs, but we weren’t as sure what would please the older guests, and Sean immediately suggested some great ethnic songs for our older relatives which I was so happy about, as this ended up getting them involved. Sean is so knowledgeable about so many genres of music that he was able to create a great balance both culturally and generationally so no one was left out when it came to not just dancing, but dinner as well. He was also able to switch the music seamlessly, from “Hava Nagila”-type Hora songs, to Top 40 pop, to bossa nova, and so forth. My friends and I danced all night up until the venue needed to close down! Thank you so much for making our wedding a success.”

– L & A, Bride and Groom (Wedding – Lotos Club, Manhattan)

retro mic orange“We wanted music to “tease” the ragtime jazz band we would be having later in the evening.  It would be the music that welcomed the guests, and would be the atmosphere that they would mingle within. This was the cocktails part of the evening, so we didn’t want people to get overly-excited and start dancing (yet), but we also wanted the music to add something to the moment and gently put people in a historical frame of mind. Sean was able to make the music a fun and whimsical well-crafted mix of ragtime, all kinds of early jazz, and even early bluegrass, perfectly balancing charming songs that most of us had never heard of with some old vintage standards. He did a great job of keeping the moment subtle, but still injecting it with a lot of upbeat energy.”

– Patrick, Event Organizer (Literary Award Event – Brooklyn Venue)

retro mic orange“Part of why our wedding was so amazing was because we had the best DJ. He was the most down-to-earth, friendly guy, and he knew every song we wanted to play and at the wedding was able to play each style at the right times, including the more underground indie stuff we liked (M. Ward, Decemberists) to more recent pop radio hits (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga) to older flashback 90s’ retro (Green Day, Spice Girls). Please check him out, he was wonderful!”

– Allison & Joe, Bride and Groom (Wedding – Chapel at Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook, NJ

retro mic orange“Sean is the best if you’re looking for corporate event DJ in NYC.  I used him for a corporate party a few years in a row now, a schmoozing-type event where it’s important that for the first half of the night the music is a mix that at times should be unfamiliar and inviting, as well as some known but underplayed, but always not too in the way so people can talk and network. Sean always hits it just right, with songs that you’ve never heard, but that you instantly connect with. I want my guests to feel that they’re hearing songs that are accessible and fun, but also that they’ve never been exposed to so they feel they’re “in” on something cool and exclusive and hip. Sean definitely has no shortage of these songs every year, and knows how to mix up the vibe in a subtle way, from such different styles as French hip hop  to electro-indie to vintage soul obscurities. Then when the crowd’s had a few drinks he’ll kick up the intensity with more familiar (but not too overplayed) hip hop, or soul, or Latin genres like merengue or reggaeton that our group likes to get people dancing. Every year the result is great, and the guests always stay well past the open bar!”

– Joe, Organizer (Talent Agency Party – Midtown Manhattan Venue)

retro mic orange“Sean did amazing work with our wedding – we wanted French music because it was an American and French wedding and he not only know of a lot of the French artists we liked, but he was able to blend the French songs (both new and older) with more modern American radio hits and some retro ’80s pop that we also wanted for the American side. He was able to make our multicultural crowd very happy and had them dancing all night.  He is very professional, fast in responding, and gave us a great price – throwing in the dance lighting for free as well. Highly recommended!”

–  Sandra & Cedric, Bride and Groom (Wedding – Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset, NJ)

retro mic orange“Sean spun for our architecture studio’s open house. The music needed to hip and interesting enough with some worldliness too so as make the hundreds of guests from New York and around the world who would be there passing through want to notice it, enjoy, and stay. But the music had to not be too fast, like have a clubby vibe, or to dreamy and chill, where it makes you think the night’s winding down. It’s always hard to take ambient songs and make them interesting for three hours – but he did it awesomely, mostly by switching up the styles with a lot of things like new and retro electronic sounds, indie, French pop, Latin soul, samba, and even really I remember an instrumental tango version of a New Order song, that was a really great touch people commented about.”

– Susan, Event Organizer (Architecture Firm Open House Event, Midtown Manhattan)

retro mic orange“We hired Sean for our wedding based on online reviews and their experience in multi-cultural weddings and their obvious familiarity with many genres of music. We are Egyptian, and wanted a good mix of both English and Arabic music. We were very impressed with his familiarity with mainstream Arabic music – he is very well rounded and have obviously done his research. They did a great job at our wedding. They kept the crowd up and dancing all night.  He is flexible, professional, reliable, cheerful and a pleasure to interact with. Hire him, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Amira & Tarek, Bride and Groom (Wedding – Boat Cruise Reception, Lower & Midtown Manhattan)

retro mic orange“Our DJ did an amazing job! Like at any wedding, you want to above all be sure that everyone is having a great time and dancing. Well, that’s exactly what Sean did. From helping us organize the flow of the party beforehand by meeting in person with us at the venue, to the way he kept people dancing the night of the wedding, he took the time to get to know us and was well-prepared, but he also had great skill in the moment to read the crowd. Also, I am from Poland, and the bride is an American girl, so one of the things we wanted was to incorporate some Polish songs throughout the evening. Sean was able to do that perfectly, smoothly transitioning from Polish music to classic and new American songs and some fun retro songs in a way that kept both sides of the wedding out dancing all night.”

– Daniel & Kerri, Groom and Bride (Wedding – Riverview Restaurant, Long Island City, NY)


retro mic orange“Since we lived across the country from NYC, Sean was very helpful in planning our wedding over the phone. he really took the time to help us get the music vibe and the timeline together. There are so many things that Sean said to me prior to the wedding that really happened the way he described – special “must play” songs that we heard at the time we wanted to hear them, the timing of speeches, incorporating two traditional dances back-to-back to get the crowd pumped. There were some magical moments I could have never expected, too – from one of our groomsmen singing “I Want It That Way” acapella with the crowd cheering him along, to a send off with sparklers to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” I cannot thank you enough for being part of our wedding.”

– Marnie & David, Bride and Groom (Wedding – Burr Homestead, Fairfield, CT)