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RATE QUOTES & FAQs – Get a rate quote for your event, and answers to some frequently asked questions about how I handle DJ-ing and MC-ing.


Rate Quotes

Please email, call or text (see the header on top of any page of the site for my contact info; this info is also at the bottom of any page on the site under “for booking”) with the following information, and if I am not available right then to answer your email, text or call, I will respond as soon as possible (usually within 2 hours) with a rate quote for your event:

1) The date and amount of time for which you will need a DJ and MC;

2) The location of your event, if known;

3) The music (in general) you’d like played at your event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many events do you do in a day?

A: Only one – yours.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. I have a $2 million dollar liability policy, and am able to add venues as “additional insureds” as they often request.

Q: What is the range of event sizes you can perform at?

A: I have two complete sound systems – what DJs and venues often refer to as “set-ups.” I am comfortably able to do events that require two separate set-ups in different rooms. The size of a room I can fill with my speakers varies with the layout of the particular room, but I can handle fairly large venues.  As far as numbers of people go, I’ve played rooms with up to about 750 people.

Q: Is it you who DJs and MCs the gigs, or someone else from your company?

A: It’s always myself. Unlike with other larger DJ companies, you meet with me to plan the gig and I actually do the gig. There’s no worry of having met the head of a company to plan the music and schedule, then worrying about if that person will translate your ideas accurately to another DJ / MC with that company who actually plays your event.

Q: If it’s only you, what happens if you get sick? Do you have back-up DJs / MCs?

A: Yes, of course. If I should not be able to make the event due to an unforseen emergency, I do my best to provide you with a back-up from the several I know well, have seen perform, and have trained in the style and approach that I prefer.

Q: Do you bring back-up equipment to all events?

A: Yes. I always bring back-ups of my speakers, mixer, DJ controller console, digital music library, microphone, cords, and power strips.

Q: What’s your policy on guests requesting music?

A: I always ask what you prefer first – some clients want the guests to have the freedom to come up to me and request songs, some don’t want me to play any requests at all from guests. Most clients fall somewhere in between – they are of the attitude that if it’s a song from their list or very close in style then they are OK with it. In these cases, I use my judgement – if the request is not in the “borders” of what we’ve established at our meeting(s) for the music vibe you want (see Approach page here), I won’t play it.

Q: How do you dress to an event?

A: I try to look like one of the guests – usually that means a suit and tie. Unless it’s some sort of theme event where you’d like me to get in the spirit and dress in a certain style, I don’t try to draw any attention to myself with my appearance. So don’t worry, no tux or shiny silver suit.

Q: Do you give the mic to someone who comes up to ask for it, but is not on the list of speakers?

A: No. This person might mean well, but then again, they may not. Usually there’s a reason they are not on the list of those speaking. What I do in this case is I ask them to go ask the person in charge of the event’s speakers (say, the organizer at a corporate party, bride and groom at a wedding, etc.) and have that person in charge approach me and tell me it’s OK.

Q: What percentage of ethnic music vs. non-ethnic music are you comfortable playing at multi-cultural events?

A: Usually about 60 percent ethnic to non-ethnic. I am quite familiar with much music from other cultures, but if you’re looking for, say, 90 percent ethnic music at your event, I would recommend to find a DJ / MC who knows that particular culture’s music well enough he or she could play only that style for the entire event.

Q: Can you MC in other languages, as is sometimes needed at multicultural events?

A: For many years I have done (and like to do) brief welcomes and short introduction comments in a large variety of languages, such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hindi, and others. If you’d like me to do more in a particular language as an MC, we could likely arrange it, though I’d look to you to help me practice what I need to say so I get the pronunciations and rhythms right.

Q: What ethnic music are you very familiar with – as in, you know more than just one or two songs, and when certain songs are best played?

A: I’m at that level of familiarity with: most Latin genres from the ’50s to now (Latin pop, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, bachata); other Latin genres that aren’t as popular now but were (boogaloo, mambo, cha-cha-cha, bossanova); Korean (K-pop from ’90s to now, ’70s & ’80s trot); Mandarin and Cantonese (pop from ’50s to now); Jewish genres (traditional hora-style songs, klezmer & Israeli pop (’60s to now); Polish pop (’50s to ’00s); Irish (traditional and pop from ’50s to now); German beerhall, schlager & pop (’60s to now), French pop & chanson (’50s to now); Italian traditional & pop (’50s to now); Scandinavian pop (’60s to now); calypso (’60s to now); dancehall, soca & chutney soca (early ’80s to now); Egyptian & Lebanese Arabic pop (’50s to now); Indian Bhangra (’80s to now) and Bollywood (’60s films to current films).

Q: Do you offer any other services besides DJ-ing and MC-ing?

A: I offer dance lighting only, no uplighting or slide show screens / projectors.

Q: What formats do you play your music on?

A: I primarily use the digital format, though I control the digital music files in a way that is active for you to see, as if I’m using vinyl. I connect a console to my computer so I am able to spin the console controller wheels as you would a record. I find it’s not only more natural and fun for me, but for the event vibe as well – it feels like the DJ is actually performing as opposed to just pushing a button.

Q: Do you ever use vinyl along with the computer and controller, or even just vinyl exclusively?

A: Yes, I am able to do this. I have a huge record collection, as well as turntables. If this is something you’d like, call or email and we can see how to arrange it.